Friday, April 1, 2011

Anti-Choice Groups Open New Office in Germantown

This (sadly) is not an April Fool’s Day joke.

As you may know, Dr. LeRoy Carhart, long-time colleague of the late Dr. Tiller, joined the staff of Germantown Reproductive Health Services at the end of 2010 to provide later term abortions after a ban on abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy was passed in Nebraska – where Dr. Carhart previously operated his practice. Dr. Carhart has long been a champion of women’s health and privacy and his work makes it possible for women - often in heart breaking and life-threatening - to make the personal and private decision with their doctors to access safe, legal abortion care with dignity.

Today, April 1st, the anti-choice groups Operation Rescue & Maryland Coalition for Life are opening an office directly across the street from Dr. Carhart’s clinic. Operation Rescue has tried this tactic in the past, opening up a fake pregnancy clinic across from Dr. Tiller’s Witchita Kansas clinic. The fake clinic operates exactly as a Crisis Pregnancy center would, with the intent to misinform, manipulate, and mislead women from making their own reproductive choices.

Operation Rescue, paired with the Maryland Coalition for Life have brought their self interested and extremist views to Germantown, and we aren’t going to sit quietly as it happens. Women deserve the ability to make a private personal decision about their health without being faced with harassment. Operation Rescue and Maryland Coalition for Life do not reflect the values of our community and we must let them know it is wrong to intentionally misinform women about their reproductive options.

Please join us in opposing anti-choice “clinics” that refuse to provide women their full reproductive health options in Maryland. Here are two easy ways you can show your concern:
  1. Sign our petition in supporting women and reproductive health care providers in Maryland
  2. Help us reach our goal of 500 signatures by posting or tweeting  "Anti-choice groups opened an office today across from Dr. Carhart, an abortion provider who was forced out of Nebraska and now works in Maryland. Sign NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland's petition to say no!"


Anonymous said...


I found this blog because I had started noticing people with signs a few months ago on Wisteria. This morning, apparently the protesters have come out again due to the warm weather. Is there anything Germantown citizens can do to support the freedom of choice for women in our community?

Anonymous said...

Every child deserves life! It is not up to you to make that decision. Once life is created, you need to celebrate it. Read Unplanned about Abby Johnson and you will learn about the awful truth that is happening all around you, even in Germantown MD. Every baby is a blessing and adoption can always be an answer if you are unable to care for your child. Instead of protesting, say a prayer so that we can get Carhart out of Germantown!

Lee Roberts said...

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