Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Latest on Anti-Choice Bills in Congress

This week the House of Representatives is going to be the frontline for reproductive rights as hearings for both the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act” (H.R.3) also known as, “Stupak-On Steroids,” and the “Protect Life Act” (H.R.358) are scheduled.

You’ve likely heard about H.R.3 due to the media coverage & public outcry over the attempt to redefine rape to “forcible rape. While anti-choice leaders bowed to public pressure and removed the “forcible rape” language, they added an even more egregious provision that would allow hospitals to deny abortion care, even if is necessary to save a woman’s life. There are still plenty of provisions that could affect women’s access to abortion forever.

In addition to allowing hospitals to deny life saving care to women, these bills would also:

• Effectively ban private coverage of abortion care in the new health-care system. For the record, currently 87% of private insurance companies offer abortion coverage.
 • H.R.3 would also impose tax penalties on Americans and small businesses with private insurance plans that cover abortion care.

These bills show how out of touch anti-choice lawmakers are with America’s values and priorities. Instead of pushing bills that would help create jobs and restore the nation’s economy, the first month of legislation has focused on restricting women’s rights.

It’s crucial for activists like you to stay informed and share your feelings with your elected officials. To help ensure you have to most up-to-date info, here is a list of recent articles:

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