Thursday, July 22, 2010

Friday Night Lights Stands up for Choice

While most television shows shy away from discussing abortion, the July 9th episode of Friday Night Lights, a show about life in a small Texas town, bravely tackled the topic. In the episode Becky, a tenth-grader, discovers she’s unexpectedly pregnant. As she talks to her mother and the local high school’s principal, she considers what life would be, for both herself and the child, if she chose to continue her pregnancy. After considering her options, Becky decides that having an abortion is the best course of action for her.

This video is an overview for the entire episode, but contains key highlights form the teen pregnancy story line:

The choice makes Becky a rarity among television and movie characters who face unplanned pregnancies, with almost all other characters choosing to continue the pregnancy or having an opportune miscarriage. While their choice reflects many women’s experiences, the decision to end a pregnancy is equally valid. NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland and 30 other state and national organizations applaud NBC and Friday Night Lights for honestly and compassionately portraying a situation that that over one million women experience each year.

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stegan said...

It would be a good idea to send NBC a note to thank them for this, as I'm sure the antis have been flooding them. Their contact form is at and you can pick the show from a dropdown menu.