Friday, March 19, 2010

Latino Youths Address Teen Pregnancy in Montgomery County

As reported in the Washington Post, a group of Latino youths in Montgomery County are speaking out about teen pregnancy.  With Hispanic teens being more than twice as likely to give birth as their white or African American counterparts, teen pregnancy is a serious concern. In addition to a lack of education and resources and language barriers, the disproportionate rate of teen pregnancies in the Latino community is also compounded by a lack of discussions about sex with parents who, because of cultural and religious customs, are reluctant to address the issue openly. Teens and young adults are collaborating with adults and media professionals to create a campaign of videos, posters and other media to educate teens, parents and service workers about youth pregnancy.  Fifteen year old Carolina Diaz is one of the teens heading the public service announcement against early parenthood. Last week, she shared her experience of becoming pregnant at 13 years old at a Silver Spring youth center.  In front of numerous youth and social workers Diaz spoke about the tribulations of giving birth too young. The sharing of personal stories is one of the most effective ways to incite change.  Diaz and her group should be proud of their willingness to take on such a controversial subject in an effort to better their community. 

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chandra said...

Teen pregnancy has become a big issue..feel parents are best teachers to educate children's on safe sex!

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