Thursday, February 4, 2010

Focus on …..Something Else

There has been much talk about the anti-abortion commercial featuring University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow and his mother, Pam, slated to appear during the Super Bowl. The cost of the ad is being paid by the anti-choice, anti-birth-control, anti-sex-education, anti-gay group Focus on the Family. CBS has a history of denying (mostly left leaning) advocacy groups a platform to express their views, citing a policy against airing advocacy ads. After much public outcry over the ad, CBS issued a statement clarifying a rather sudden change in their policy. Very convenient. To top it off, it has been revealed that CBS has been working closely with Focus on the Family on the ad for months.

Rumor has it that the ad will feature the story of how Pam Tebow chose to continue a pregnancy which her doctors warned her could threaten her life. The truth of the matter is that Tim Tebow's mother made the choice that was best for her and her family... and that's exactly what it means to be pro-choice. Unfortunately, Focus on the Family wants to take that choice away from other women.

It is undeniable that Focus on the Family has an extreme agenda that, among other things, is inherently anti-woman. The language used by Focus on the Family on their website is insulting and dangerous to women. For example, they urge women facing an unintended pregnancy to seek “wise advice” because “the hormones and extreme emotions of pregnancy make reasonable decisions more difficult.” It seems that nothing helps a pregnant woman more than a good dose of condescension.

Despite the objection of pro-choice supporters, it seems that CBS is not going to pull the ad. But that does not mean you have to sit idly by while anti-choice sentiment interjects itself into your Super Bowl experience. You can join us by not watching the ad and instead focus on…something else with other pro-choice activists. You can post on your Facebook or Twitter account what you will be focusing on when the ad airs. It can be refilling the salsa, turning the T.V. off, grabbing a beer…you name it.

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