Friday, January 15, 2010

No Federal Tax Dollars For… (yeah, you wish)

Breaking News: Americans are now allowed to pick and choose what their tax dollars should be spent on!


Well, at least not all Americans are allowed, just the anti-choice ones. Anti-choice members of Congress maintain that if someone does not support abortion rights, their tax dollars should not have to be spent to subsidize the procedure for low-income women. The Hyde amendment already restricts the use of federal dollars for abortions, and now Stupak, Nelson and other anti-choice members of Congress want to expand Hyde to many more women with health care reform.

Let’s be real: if Congress attempted to appease everyone and ensure that nobody’s taxes paid for something they didn’t support, very few issues would get adequate funding! Plenty of Americans don’t support their tax dollars going to government bailouts or foreign wars, but they go about lobbying for an end to those practices, not vetoing them from the payoff list. Most Americans agree that we should help provide basic medical care to the most disadvantaged in our society – that includes reproductive health care for all women. As long as the government has made the decision to provide health care to Americans, politicians and anti-choice activists do not have the right to impose their personal views on what should be private decisions made between doctors and patients.

Don’t like Congress’s double standard when it comes to government spending? Then get involved with the Center for Reproductive Rights campaign to point out the hypocrisy in allowing only a fraction of the American public have a say in how their tax dollars are spent. Send in a short video declaring what you don’t want your federal tax dollars spent on. You can also join the conversation on Twitter by using the tag #NoTaxDollars to tweet your federally funded pet peeve.

Watch this video to see what issues some well-known activists would rather not support with their tax dollars, and then read two suggestions from us below:

Here are some ideas from us:

Crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs)- CPCs give false and misleading information to women in order to prevent them from exercising their full range of reproductive options. While CPCs in Maryland are not funded with federal dollars, many CPCs across the nation do receive tax dollars. U.S. Congress commissioned a report investigating the harm caused by federally funded CPCs.

Refusal clauses- Federal “conscience” clauses allow doctors, nurses, and pharmacists to refuse to provide a medication or service based on a “moral” objection. So pharmacists can refuse to fill a prescription for emergency contraception or birth control without fear of reprimand, even though their job is to dispense legal medication. Your tax dollars are paying the salaries of 6,700 pharmacists employed by the federal government (according to the BLS), and they don’t even have to give you the prescriptions you need!

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Anonymous said...

Federal tax dollars should not be used to fund murder in any capacity this is ludicrous. What about responsibility? There are other alternatives such as adoption. At least this way women don't have to feel guilty for the execution of a child in utero which is excruciatingly painful as witnessed in film footage of live abortions. Look at the pictures look at the films.

We don't even spend federal tax dollars to save the lives of women but yet women are advocating for women to destroy their children.

Abortion has become a means birth control this is not what Row versus Wade was intended for.

If you view the movie silent screams and watch a child thrashing in the womb you would not want this.