Friday, July 17, 2009

Frederick Commissioner Seeks Statewide Abortion Procedure Ban

Commissioner John L. Thompson Jr. has proposed a statewide abortion
procedure ban to the Frederick County Commissioners as they form a
legislative package for 2010. Such a measure would be a waste of valuable legislative time and resources since the bill would seek to ban a procedure that is already prohibited by federal law.

Marylanders want an end to attacks on legal abortion and a focus on common sense ways to prevent unintended pregnancies. Education about and access to contraception are proven ways to accomplish this goal.

A politically motivated and divisive bill like this distracts from very real issues about reproductive health in our state. Maryland has the 13th highest teen pregnancy rate in the country, has an infant mortality rate that exceeds the national average, and ranks in the top 20 for incidence of sexually transmitted diseases. We hope to see legislators address these real issues for women and families next session rather than wage yet another ideological campaign against safe and legal abortion.

If abortion opponents were really focused on reducing abortion, they would support common ground measures to reduce unintended pregnancy, such as the bill introduced by Delegate Mizeur that would increase access to family planning. It is time to stop playing politics with women's health and focus on improving women's health in Maryland.

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