Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Global Poverty – A Woman’s-Eye View

Nahomie Nercure of Haiti only wanted two children. Yet now, as she struggles to afford her family’s most basic needs, she is now pregnant with her tenth. Though she didn’t wish to have so many children, she felt she had no choice – the confines of traditional gender roles, a lack of sufficient family planning information and counseling, and a local clinic that “seemed scornful of poor women” all barred her from getting the contraception she needed.

The New York Times’s Nicholas Kristof explores this heartbreaking case, and its implications for family planning and anti-poverty initiatives, here.

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Lisa Krempasky said...

The solution to global poverty is not killing children. That is a demented and obscene view. Why don't you get out in the villages and teach the women life skills? Why don't you drill wells and build medical clinics? Why don't you support local schools that teach the 3 Rs? Your agenda is not stopping poverty, but supporting abortion.