Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Former Kansas District Attorney Phil Kline has been ordered to return the women’s private medical records he obtained through questionable methods during the investigation of Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri. As reported in this recent post, Phil Kline has been on a witch-hunt of sorts to criminalize abortion providers. The Topeka Capital-Journal reports the Kansas Supreme Court found Kline’s overzealous mission to prosecute Planned Parenthood led him to abuse his power and obtain approximately three dozen records illegally.

The court had this to say about Kline’s behavior and conduct:
"Kline exhibits little, if any, respect for the authority of this court or for his responsibility to it and to the rule of law it husbands. His attitude and behavior are inexcusable, particularly for someone who purports to be a professional prosecutor. It is plain that he is interested in the pursuit of justice only as he chooses to define it."

Well said!

After all has been said and done, Kline insists that he will continue to pursue the case against Planned Parenthood.

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