Monday, November 17, 2008

Reproductive Rights Update: Global Edition

Uruguay Congress Votes to Legalize Early Abortion

Last week the Uruguay Congress voted 17 to 13 in favor of a bill to legalize early abortion. Unfortunately, the President is expected to veto the bill. "Whether the president vetoes it or not, it's important that Congress has established this right," said ruling party senator Margarita Percovich in an interview with Reuters.

UK starts Campaign to Increase Contraception Availability for Teens

The UK government has begun a campaign to increase access to long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) for teen girls. The campaign encourages doctors to offer their patients aged 13 and older long-term birth control injections or implants and requires abortion clinics to offer information on long-term contraception. Though there has been some resistance to the program, supporters maintain that increased access to effective birth control will have a positive impact for young women and girls. According to a UK Times article, “The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence estimated the move would cut unplanned pregnancies by 73,000 a year.”

Reproductive Rights Activists in Kenya Launch Pro-Choice Bill

A Reproductive Health and Rights Bill proposed by the Nairobi-based women’s group Coalition on Violence Against Women calls for more access to safe abortion, as well as comprehensive sex education, education about sexually transmitted diseases, and full access to contraception. According to “The campaigns will aim at ensuring the enactment of a comprehensive reproductive health rights law and policies.” Current Kenyan law restricts all abortions expect in cases where the mother’s health is in danger. According to a Global Voices article.
The proposed bill would expand abortion access to include instances of sexual assault, rape, defilement or incest.

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