Monday, October 27, 2008

State Ballot Initiatives: Direct Challenges to Roe

California, South Dakota, and Colorado all have ballot measures year that directly challenge the integrity of Roe vs. Wade. In California, voters are seeing the third effort in four years to enact a law requiring parental notification before a minor can have an abortion. In Colorado, an amendment is on the ballot that would officially define any fertilized egg as a “person” under the state constitution. The “proposed amendment could have sweeping implications for abortion, fertility clinics, and stem-cell research” reports a recent article on the Christian Science Moniter.

Perhaps most damaging, South Dakota has yet another ballot initiative that would effectively ban abortion. Last year, a similar bill that would have made abortion completely illegal was rejected 56% to 44%. The current initiative includes very limited exceptions for rape, incest and pregnancies that threaten the life or health of the woman. This measure is a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade and endangers the lives and health of women in South Dakota.

Though all three ballot initiatives are distressing, the South Dakota ballot initiative could impact the dignity, autonomy, and equality of women across the country in the event it passes and a challenge to Roe results. NARAL Pro-Choice South Dakota, has been closely monitoring and fighting against this bill since its inception. This election will decide the fate of women for years to come and we urge South Dakotans to reject this harmful initiative.

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