Friday, October 17, 2008

Reproductive Rights Showdown: Obama vs. McCain

In the final presidential debate of the year, women everywhere were hoping to finally hear some straight talk from the candidates on reproductive rights. breaks down the showdown line by line to wade through the double talk and innuendo.Obama, sounding very reasonable, suggested finding middle ground between pro-choicers and pro-lifers, providing better adoption services and education to women, while still fortifying his stance on putting the health of the mother first. McCain on the other hand took this opportunity to mock women’s health, accuse Obama of being a radical baby-killer, and generally alienate women everywhere.

At one point he uses air quotes around the words “Women’s Health,” causing voters and mainstream media to shake their heads in astonishment and disapproval. "The part of the debate where Sen. McCain seemed to mock the issue of a woman's health was weird and ... well, kind of disgusting. It's hard for me to see how he’s seriously pushing for the women's vote." says editor of Josh Marshall . In a similar vein,
Amanda Marcotte
at believes McCain’s comments show a “searing contempt for women”. Indeed, it seems McCain has undone all his efforts to woo the female vote to his side during the one instance he has been forced to discuss women’s rights for longer than a minute.

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