Monday, October 6, 2008

Quick and Quippy: Coercive Sterilization Programs

A California based organization, Children Require a Carrying Kommunity or CRACK (no, that’s not a joke), recently began advertising in Baltimore for a program that offers $200 to drug addicted and alcoholic women to go on long term birth control or to get sterilized.
While the founder of CRACK maintains that the program is simply offering people incentive to act responsibly, the program has received strong criticisms for being potentially coercive, racist, and unethical. Check the Baltimore City Paper for more information.

Louisiana State Rep. John LaBruzzo recently presented a similar program. The proposed plan offers to pay $1,000 to every low-income woman who gets sterilized. Not surprisingly, LaBruzzo has received similar criticisms as well.
In a recent video LaBruzza attempted to defend his proposal, complaining that the media misinterpreted his real intentions.

Both of these programs claim to offer realistic solutions to long standing problems, but the controversy surrounding the potential coercion of low-income and minority women can’t be ignored. What are your thoughts?

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Evo said...

I am absolutely infuriated. This is racism and misogyny at its absolute worst. Unbelievable. I am leaving the office for the day, but I will be looking into this further when I have an opportunity to see what I can do to fight this hate speech.