Wednesday, October 1, 2008

If McCain Were Elected, Roe, Watch Out!

Author Linda Hirshman recently wrote about what a world where Roe v. Wade were overruled might look like in “If Roe Goes, Our State Will Be Worse Than You Think” She writes about 1980s West Germany to illustrate: “…border guards sometimes required German women returning from foreign trips to undergo vaginal examinations to make sure that they hadn't illegally terminated a pregnancy while they were abroad. According to news stories and other accounts, the guards would stop young women and ask them about drugs, then look for evidence of abortion, such as sanitary pads or nightgowns, in their cars, and eventually force them to undergo a medical examination -- as West German law empowered them to do.”

Does it sound crazy that it could happen here in the United States? It’s not. Click here to read her article about how it might happen, and why this year’s election matters so much for women.

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