Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Anti-Choice Tide of Antagonism: the Result of Asking MD CPCs for a Little Accuracy

Anti-choice activists have unleashed a new round of undeserved criticism of NARAL Pro-Choice MD. The reason for the attack? Our work to shine some light on the appalling deception on the part of Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Maryland. The 700 Club, a conservative news talk show on ABC Family, recently highlighted NARAL Pro-Choice MD in their report entitled The War on Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

So-called Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) are often staffed by volunteers who push religious agendas and rhetoric. CPCs repeat myths about abortion in attempt to scare women and even often frown upon birth control. There have also been reports of delay tactics and harassment to pressure women into not exploring their options.

NARAL Pro-Choice MD conducted an undercover investigation of the Maryland crisis pregnancy centers. The Full Report Shows 100% of the CPC’s investigators visited provided misleading or false information. The result of this report was the introduction of several bills that called for the Maryland CPC’s to post a disclaimer detailing the limitations of their services. Not surprisingly, conservative anti-choice groups such as the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) are opposed to such disclosure. CBN who wrote in a recent article that the bill would
“Force certain speech issues on pregnancy centers.” Hmm…like honesty?.

Though it comes as no surprise that anti-abortion forces would stoop to using propaganda and slanted journalism to paint us as the bad guys, it shows that our important work is striking a nerve. Thank you 700 Club, for highlighting our important work!

Link to the 700 Club video
Link to the full undercover report “The Truth Revealed”
For more information on CPC’s Click Here

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