Monday, September 15, 2008

New McCain Ad Attacks Obama’s Pro Sex-Ed Record

I am not often surprised by politicians’ ability to manipulate and distort the truth in order to get votes, but McCain's new advertisement attacking Barack Obama’s record in the Illinois State Senate floored me. The ad claims Obama's one accomplishment on education is legislation that would have established comprehensive sex education for young children. In actuality, the bill (which never passed) was a moderate plan to establish age-appropriate sex education and would have even allowed parents to pull their children from classes if they so chose.

The McCain ad uses this legislation to discredit Obama’s entire platform of improving education, blatantly misrepresenting the bill. "Learning about sex before learning to read?" the McCain ad says. "Barack Obama. Wrong on education. Wrong for your family." Forgetting for a moment that Obama is the most vocal candidate on the importance of early education, the ad goes so far as to make Obama look like he wanted to teach kindergarteners about condoms. A recent article on claims "non-partisan fact-checkers have criticized the McCain ad, noting that the legislation didn't teach the birds and bees to kindergartners -- instead it taught "age-appropriate" sex education to help warn children about inappropriate touching and sexual predators." Is educating children on how to protect themselves from sexual abuse bad in the anti-choice handbook?

Has McCain run out of actual information on Obama to use in his attacks that he has to resort to fabricating misinformation? This latest ad proves once again that McCain/Palin have no problem with dirty politics. The Obama campaign, which has repeatedly called for new, cleaner political strategy, was shocked. Obama spokesperson Bill Burton stated that it is "shameful and downright perverse for the McCain campaign to use a bill that was written to protect young children from sexual predators as a recycled and discredited political attack against a father of two young girls." A recent editorial in the New York Times has also expressed disapproval of the blatant misrepresentation of truth in McCain's Ad. The writer says simply "The kindergarten ad flat-out lies. The lesson for voters is to be wary of all ads from the McCain machine."

Last week, Planned Parenthood launched their controversial new ad countering Senator McCain's ad. The ad, which will be strategically playing in the same states as the McCain ad, has caused a wave of positive reinforcement from the press already. The Planned Parenthood ad asks if McCain is "just another politician who'll say anything to get elected." Those of us who are outraged and offended by McCain's bravado at releasing this intentionally misleading video welcome Planned Parenthood’s retort. The ad, embedded below, ensures that our voices are heard by the same people who are seeing this heinous video of McCain's. And for that we can be thankful.

To see the full propaganda McCain Ad on Obama Click Here

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