Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Don't be Fooled by Anti-Choice Websites

Once again, the anti-choice groups have used manipulation to shove their agenda in the faces of women. Several months ago we told you of anti-choice groups new strategy to buy pro-choice domain names and use them to intentionally deceive women who are searching for reproductive health information. Anti-choice groups recently added to their list of deceitful websites by launching www.morningafterpill.org.

If you are anything like me, you will be outraged by how low anti-choice groups will stoop to in order to intentionally confuse women about their reproductive health options. Similar to underhanded tactics used by so-called crisis pregnancy centers, Morningafterpill.org uses similar colors and shapes to le mimic the Plan B® logo. This is a sneaky attempt to give credibility to a site that offers nothing but incorrect and misleading medical information.

The site falsely claims that Plan B® is “very dangerous” for women and lists a slew of exceedingly rare side effects associated with the birth control pill. It is true that women with certain medical conditions should consult a medical professional before taking hormonal birth control or Plan B®. However, it is dubious, some may even say unethical, to imply that these rare and extreme side effects occur on a regular basis. For the record, the most common side effect associated with the morning after pill is nausea.

Do not be fooled! Be on the watch for these sites and tell your friends and family about them. Do not let these groups claw their way into legitimate medical sites domain. Click here for correct, unbiased medical information on Plan B®.

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