Friday, June 13, 2008

Surprise! is Anti-Choice

The most common mistake made by internet surfers is typing .com when they intend to type .org. More and more anti-choice groups are seizing this opportunity to target their biased message to unsuspecting people. Sneaky tactics like this help anti-choice groups further their anti-choice agenda to the public. The recently outed is a prime example of this strategy.

If one tries to access the National Abortion Federation, a simple mistype of the url will lead them to is the legitimate website of NAF that provides factual, unbiased information on pro-choice issues. On the other hand, is unequivocally an anti-choice website. Using the domain name “” is a blatant attempt to manipulate people who search for pro-choice information.

While the true motivation of the website appears transparent (Particularly with biased phrases like, “Imagine feeling safe and the next moment someone is killing you and you can't get away or cry for help.”), less tech-savvy folks may not immediately see through this fraudulent propaganda. And unfortunately, their goal to spread their anti-abortion message chock-full of misinformation is successful.

If the unapologetic deception is not enough to sway you away from the ever more radical pro-life movement, perhaps the fact that they consistently fall short of adequately addressing alternatives to abortion will convince you. While an abundance of false and misleading information is displayed in the abortion section, little or no information is presented in the adoption and parenthood sections. Adoption and parenting are options that many women consider when facing an unintended pregnancy, but as with abortion, both of these options require an evaluation all possible resources before a decision can be made. However, it seems that the facilitators at believe that a link to a list of home schooling programs is a sufficient resource on how to finish school as a parent. That is laughable at best, shameful at worst.

In addition, the parenthood and adoption sections prominently display links to the closest crisis pregnancy centers, whose deceptive practices have been well- documented. Is it no surprise that promotes CPCs, as their deceptive nature is very similar. Like the volunteers at CPC’s, the creators of this website are so concerned with dissuading women from abortion, they fail to truly help women who may want information on abortion alternatives. And they will use every low-down, dirty trick they can think of to push their mission forward. Why else would they use There is only one logical reason. They want to deliberately spread misinformation and lies by targeting those who seek pro-choice information.

Two BIG THUMBS DOWN for the creators of!

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C.R.A.Blog said...

The appropriation of domain names is nothing new. Anti-feminists did the same thing by creating, a misogynistic spoof of, an awesome pro-choice blog. Shame on the crazies for misleading women.