Thursday, May 1, 2008

Quick and Quippy: Outrageous

It is a gross and rainy day, so I'm already inclined to be annoyed. If you feel the same way and you're looking to take your general feelings of annoyance to the full-out outraged level, check out these news stories:

  • Some fraternity pranksters at Yale's Zeta Psi chapter thought it would be funny to stand outside of the Yale Women's Center chanting "dick" while holding up signs that said "We Love Yale Sluts." Now the Executive Committee at Yale says that these guys are not guilty of harassment or intimidation. Yeah, I'm confused too. Find out more at Female Impersonator
  • It seems that some hospitals in North Carolina think it's a good idea to charge rape survivors to process their own rape kits. For uninsured women, this could mean spending hundreds of dollars. Go here for more information.
Do you have any rage-inducing news stories to share? Send them our way.


A. Paul said...
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A. Paul said...

Sexual harassment is apparently a new brand of comedy now, as well. British comedian Johnny Vegas in a recent show in London had a girl brought on stage by 6 men, after which he touched her breasts, fingered her through her clothes and threatened to kick her in the ribs. The girl was visibly uncomfortable and repeatedly tried to pull her skirt back down while on stage. I still cannot figure out why this would be funny to anyone, and why it was allowed to go on without intervention from someone at the venue. I am totally appalled.

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