Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Quick and Quippy: Mickey Mouse, Phylis Schlafly and more

Well it's apparently that time again-- the time when news stories provide me with a serious "Are you kidding?!" moment.
  • Phylis Schlafly, the woman who believes that rape in marriage does not exist, the ERA is dangerous and that sex-education classes are "in home sales parties for abortion" is about to receive an honorary doctorate from Washington University. Find out more at feministing and then check out the "No Honorary Doctorate for anti-feminist Phyllis Schlafly" Facebook group.
  • From Michelle Chen at Alternet:
"Last year, Congress slashed millions of dollars from key programs dealing with domestic violence, including civil legal assistance and preventative community-education programs. The White House is now pushing even deeper cuts in its budget proposal for fiscal year 2009."

Totally unacceptable. Find out more here.
  • Disney's anger over Miley Cyrus' recent photo shoot becomes a little ridiculous when one finds out that they sponsor child lingerie ads on billboards in China. Push-up bra and Minnie-Mouse hand puppets? Marketing sexy underwear to the under-12 set? All pretty disgusting. Check out this article from Slate.

You know the drill: Leave a few outrageous stories of your own in the comments. Sharing is caring.


Priya said...

fyi, it's Washington University in St. Louis, not the University of Washington.

C.R.A.Blog said...

fixed-- thanks priya!