Friday, May 30, 2008

Last Chance to Restore Affordable Birth Control!

Tired of out of control birth control prices? Good news is that there may be light at the end of this dark tunnel that can lead us to affordable birth control. But it could easily slip through our fingers, unless you do your part.

As you may know, access to affordable birth control has been difficult to obtain since the passing of the Deficit Reduction Act (DRA) , which was created to help reduce taxes and government spending. One way for the DRA’s sponsors met this goal was to close a loophole in the Medicaid drug-rebate law. Unfortunately, while eliminating this problem, the DRA unintentionally eliminated access to affordable birth control at community and college health clinics across the country.

Now there is a chance to regain access to affordable birth control! An initial victory came last week when the Senate passed a supplemental war-funding bill that includes a provision that will fix the pricing of birth control. If the bill passes, low-income women and college students will once again have access to affordable birth control.

However, as the bill enters the House, the birth control provision may be edited or removed. It is crucial for pro-choice activists (Yes, I’m talking to you!) to get in touch with their representatives to voice their support for the birth control provision. In order for the bill to pass in its entirety, we MUST drown out the anti-choice minority!

Many people, including myself, have speculated that the reason Congress has been so unmotivated to fix this problem is directly related to the fact that young, low-income, and minority women are the people most affected by the consequences of the DRA. Seriously, I’m a college student that works part-time. If I purchase birth control from my campus health center, I’m looking at about $50-$60 today compared to the $10 it was before the DRA. Let’s face it, low-income, young, and minority women have rarely had any influence over politicians. Unfortunately, politicians don’t care about your issues until you demand their attention. Let your voice be heard and tell your Representative that it is imperative that the birth control provision remains in the supplemental war-spending bill.

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