Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hope Pregnancy Center and the Domain Debacle

Have you ever ended up at the wrong website by putting a ".com" at the end instead of a ".org"? The scheming anti-choice rascals at a CPC called Hope Pregnancy Resource Center decided to use this common mix-up to their advantage by buying the domain name "fphs.com" to purposefully redirect people from the Family Planning Health Services website "fphs.org."

"The agencies are less than two miles apart in Wausau, but could hardly be more different.
FPHS is about low-cost contraception, reproductive health and nutrition for pregnant women and their young children; it does not provide abortions. Hope is a pro-life
organization and visitors to the Hope web site won’t find the word
“contraceptive” anywhere."

Find out more about this story here

Buying out domain names just to deceive women? It makes you wonder: How far will CPCs go to deter women from pursuing their reproductive health options?

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