Monday, April 14, 2008

Affordable Birth Control

How do sky-rocketing birth control prices effect you? Are you perhaps feeling:

a) Annoyed?
b) Irritated?
c) Outraged?

Or perhaps all of the above plus

d) Broke?

There is an easy fix to sky-rocketing birth control costs. Congress needs to pass the Prevention Through Affordable Access Act to close the loop-hole at no additional cost to tax-payers. How can you make this happen? Sign NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland's petition to show Congress that you support affordable birth control!

Also, check out this awesome video on the current birth control crisis from Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota. It's funny and very smart.

Still feeling outraged? Join NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland in a meeting with Representative Steny Hoyer where you can tell him how the campus birth control crisis is effecting you and urge him to support the Prevention Through Affordable Access Act! For more information, check us out on Facebook


Erin said...

Because Hoyer is the Majority Leader, it's hard for him to sponsor legislation unless it is a major democratic initiative. Call/email/write to his office and tell him to take some backroom action to get the bill to the floor!

R.T. Riveter said...

The birth control crisis is a huge problem that is affecting young and low-income women across the country. Women want to be responsible by taking reliable birth control, but are simply not able to afford it. If Congress is truly interested in reducing the need for abortion, they should be jumping on any prevention legislation that comes their way- particularly one that does not cost any money! This is common sense ground where pro-choice and anti-choice folks should be able to meet. It's time for Congress to take the issues of young people seriously and pass this legislation!